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Second (and Third) Wave Preparedness for Clinicians

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Second (and Third) Wave Preparedness for Clinicians

Second (and Third) Wave Preparedness for Clinicians

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This course was recorded in September 2020

This online course will focus on strategies to weather the second (and third) wave, how to optimize telerehabilitation and communication with patients, and practical strategies you can implement right away.


The anticipated second wave of COVID - 19 is approaching and rightly stoking fears in the minds of clinicians, clinic owners, students, new grads, and patients across Canada.

Whether physiotherapy clinics are considered an essential service or not, how are you and your patients going to weather another wave of the pandemic?

With time on your side before the second wave, you can develop a practical strategy to keep your schedule open and weather whatever this pandemic throws at you.

Join Darryl Yardley, physiotherapist, and founder of Mentorship Bootcamp, on this online course where he’ll discuss how virtual care can be the viable strategy in your contingency plan.

Top concerns we will address in this online course:

  • What to do as patient cancellations increase
  • How to manage patients who have to quarantine with their kids
  • What happens if you have to quarantine!
  • I'm a new grad and resident! How am I supposed to get a job in this climate?!

We will also discuss:

  • Different strategies to continue to assess and successfully treat your patients in case we go into lockdown.
  • How to optimize telerehabilitation and communicate with your patients
  • How to market your services during the second wave
  • New grad strategies to work as a physiotherapy resident until the practical exam is offered
The instructors
Darryl Yardley
PT, B.Kin (Hons), M.Sc.(PT), M.Cl.Sc.(Manip), FCAMPT

Darryl is currently the Director of Quality, Risk and Therapy Services at the Brant Community Health System. He is the past chair of the Private Practice Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. He is a consultant with orthopaedic and neurosurgeons and has a special interest in hip and spine. He is a co-author of, Diagnosis and Management of Femoroacetabular Impingement: An Evidence-Based Approach – Chapter: ‘Evidence for Rehabilitation After FAI Surgery: A guide to Postsurgical Rehabilitation and Supporting Evidence.’ Darryl is the professor of the Business and Entrepreneurship in Physical Therapy course at Western University.

He also lectures at McMaster, University of Toronto and Queen's on business and practice management topics. Darryl is the founder of Mentorship Bootcamp - offering the business training and career mentorship to succeed in today’s competitive market. He consults with many clinic owners to grow their business, and develop the business-acumen of their therapists. He is the co-founder of EnCORE Research, and a partner of the Pelvic Health Research Collaborative. He is the co-founder of Entry to Practice Essentials, the first Canadian PCE study guide.

Course Material included in this course
  • Second Wave Preparedness for Clinicians
  • Welcome
  • Introduction
  • Top 3 Strategies
  • Hurdles and Optimizing
  • Clinic Setup
  • Marketing
  • New Grads
  • Feedback
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