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Julie Wiebe: Changing the World One Pelvic Floor at a Time

We would like to introduce you to Julie Wiebe, a physical therapist who specializes in returning women to fitness after injury and pregnancy. Today’s blog is based on our interview with her. Julie Wiebe, changing the world one pelvic floor at a time.

Is Your Social Media Strategy Generating Return on Investment? Learn How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Practice or Brand

You're good at what you do, maybe even great. So why don't your clients rebook more? Why do they no-show/cancel a lot? Marketing my friend, marketing. Check out this blog and corresponding con-ed course in which Dr. Ben Fung and Jerry Durham, physios, business owners, and marketing and patient relationship experts, discuss how you can use social media to grow your business.

What Is the Role of Physiotherapists in Breastfeeding and Infant Feeding?

As a physiotherapist, do you know what your role or scope of practice is in breastfeeding and infant feeding? If you don't, don't worry, you are not alone. Today’s blog is based on Lactation Consultant, Mercedes Eustergerling’s course and addresses that important question and more.

Do You Know How to Treat and Assess Complex Cancer Cases?

Do you know how to treat and assess complex cancer cases? Today’s blog and course it is based on can help. The course is based on a live, interactive webinar and examines two real-life complex case studies that you may see in your practice. We discuss one of the two case studies in the blog.

What Is Yin Yoga & How Can It Help Your Persistent Pain Patients

Yin Yoga is a slower-paced, more meditative version of the discipline of yoga in which the poses are held for a long period of time (typically 3-5 minutes or longer). The practice of Yin Yoga is a highly effective option for rehabilitation. Take a look at today's blog to learn about the history of the practice and how it can help your practice and patients in the present.

Five Reasons to Educate Your Patients Digitally

With the development of digital technologies, and as telehealth and virtual care become more prevalent, there are more opportunities to provide patient education through digital media. This post discusses five benefits of providing digital education over traditional paper handouts or pamphlets.

Living Dangerously: Education Tool for Patients With Central Sensitization

What is central sensitization and how can we as healthcare practitioners effectively assist patients with their recovery? Today’s blog is based on Bahram Jam’s course, Management Strategies for Central Sensitization: An Introduction to the Pain Truth Certification Program by APTEI. Join us today to learn about the free tools and resources that can help your patients living with persistent pain.

Static Stretching and Athletic Activities: Stretching the Truth, but Not Much Else

Based on a paper written by Bahram Jam, this post discusses the current misconceptions surrounding static stretching related to athletic activities. Four proposed benefits are disproved and alternative strategies are introduced for each. This post is for patients and practitioners alike, as it covers common misconceptions about the impact of static stretches.

Physical Therapists Make Life Worth Living: Physiotherapy in Oncology

Are you a physiotherapist or rehab professional who would like to learn more about the roles of rehab in cancer care? Today we discuss the importance of rehab and exercise in cancer care as well as exercise guidelines for cancer. This blog is based on current scientific evidence and Marize Ibrahim’s, physical therapist in cancer rehabilitation, webinar and clinical experience.

A Letter to Canadian Physiotherapists

There are now thousands of Physiotherapy Residents waiting to be licensed in Canada due to a global pandemic and an inability to administer a clinical exam by CAPR (Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators). I am calling on the compassion and courage of all of my colleagues across the country to join this conversation.

Regulating During the Irregular: Canadian Healthcare Professional Licensing Adaptations During COVID

On March 20th CAPR cancelled the PCE Clinical Component for the third time, leaving many physio graduates in distress. The CPA responded, noting that other colleges have been nimble and addressed the pandemic by changing regulation. This blog is a review of what other relevant bodies across Canada have done in response to COVID, and what we can learn from them. Let’s start a conversation.

Fascial Release, Male Pattern Baldness & Therapeutic Alliance: Dr. Bahram Jam’s New Courses

Dr. Bahram Jam has been a physiotherapist for quite a few years now. In this time he has learned a lot, founded the Advanced Physical Therapy Education Institute (APTEI), and taught a lot. Today we introduce Bahram’s newest courses on Embodia, Bahram Jam's Bald Head & Fascial Release and Therapeutic Alliance: 20 Skills to Maximize Patient Trust & Loyalty.

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