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3 Easy Ways to Boost Clinic Culture
By: Nataliya Zlotnikov, MSc, HBSc

What is Clinic Culture 

Clinic culture is like love.

We all feel it, but it can be very difficult to define. 


Clinic Culture Defined 


Whether intentional or not, all clinics and companies have a culture.


Organizational culture can be described as the personality of your workplace. 

It combines your company's values, beliefs, behaviours and attitudes of your team. 

Developing a positive workplace culture requires work. Companies must first set a baseline by providing expectations and policies that everyone has to comply with. 

Additionally, clinic culture stems from the attitude of your team, workplace processes, management style and day-to-day activities. 



Clinic culture determines how employees experience day-to-day life at their places of employment. 

Let's take a moment to think about what that could mean for productivity, client satisfaction, employee retention and employee satisfaction. 

Think: What are the effects of good vs. bad clinic culture? 

Hold on to those thoughts; let's see if they agree with our research below: 

Clinic Culture Importance

Consequences of bad Clinic Culture

How to Improve Clinic Culture With Maggie Bergeron

Tune in to PhysioProfessor's Practiceology Podcast on YouTube in which he speaks with our fearless leader, PT and co-founder of Embodia, Maggie Bergeron on how to improve organizational culture. 


If you'd like to learn more about how to implement and or improve your clinic culture. download our free Clinic Culture Guide below:

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Clinic Culture Guide!


3 Easy Ways to Boost Clinic Culture & Increase Team Performance 

Here are 3 easy ways to boost clinic culture and increase team performance: 

  1. Defining your clinic values
  2. Align values with behaviours 
  3. Cultivate meaningful work & meaningful relationships 

Read about these steps in a bit more detail below: 


Step 1: Defining Your Clinic Values 


The first step of creating and boosting clinic culture is to define your clinic's values. 


These will be the guiding principles that will define your practice. 

Defining your values goes a long way towards:

  • Facilitating a profitable work environment
  • Attracting like-minded job candidates
  • Providing staff with clarity on what is important & what to expect 

Just defining these values however is not enough. 

It is crucial to keep communicating them to your employees over and over again. These values must become instilled in your employees. 


If they are not, as your practice grows, if the values aren't communicated or instilled, they can get diluted as more members join your team. 


Step 2: Align Values with Behaviours 

Good job on defining your clinic values!

But, only when we take our values off the wall and actually live them can we say that we have a strong clinic culture. 

Your values must be accompanied by behaviour for true culture to exist.

Culture = Values + Behaviors 

-Simon Sinek


Two tried and tested techniques you can use to translate values into behaviours are: 

1. Create circles of safety:

When we create environments in which people feel like they belong, the result is trust and collaboration. 

Circles of safety allow people to spend their time and energy working toward a higher cause that inspires them and withstand the inevitable pressures and dangers that all teams face. 

2. Give feedback and recognition:

Creating an environment in which people openly and thoughtfully give and receive feedback and recognition builds trusting teams and fosters leadership and a culture of growth. 

As a leader, you can empower your team by modelling this behaviour. Your employees will follow what they see.

As a clinic owner, it is essential for you to also be vulnerable with your team by recognizing areas of growth and receiving feedback.

Step 3: Cultivate Meaningful Work & Meaningful Relationships 

A relationship is the foundation of accomplishment. 

Meaningful relationships are invaluable for building and sustaining a culture of excellence because they create the trust and support that people need to push each other to do great things. 

Relationships have to be genuine, not forced. 

At the same time, the culture of the community will have a big influence on how people value relationships and how they interact with each other. 

For your clinic to be successful, it is less about micromanaging and more about micro listening. 

-Anniken Chadwick, owner of the Cheerful Pelvis

What is micro listening? 

Really getting to know all of your employees and actively listening to them. 

This ensures that if issues come up, you will be able to address them early on, as having a meaningful relationship with your employees allows you to stay in the loop and know what's going on. 


To learn more about clinic culture, delve into these steps in greater detail, learn methods you can use to implement these steps in your clinic, and learn what the remaining 2 steps are, download our free Clinic Culture Guide below!


Download Our Free
Clinic Culture Guide!


Practice What You Preach 

Here we are, a health tech company, talking to you about clinic culture. 

But do we practice what we preach?

In writing this blog I decided to ask our team members, myself included, why they enjoy working at Embodia. 

Here are some of our team's responses: 


Date written: 15 Sept 2021
Last updated: 24 Sept 2021

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