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Scapulothoracic Assessment

Scapulothoracic Assessment

Scapulothoracic Assessment


Janet Delorme has learned scapulothoracic mechanics the hard way. From the inside.

A 32-year career as an orthopaedic/manual Physiotherapist did not prepare her for the life-changing injury that would rob her of her career, her active lifestyle and much of her independence.

Over a period of ten years, Janet turned her focus toward learning more about this region. What she felt on the inside did not “fit” with what was being taught by professionals observing this problem from the outside. The result of many years of reading, study, and personal experimentation has been the publication of two books: Scapulothoracic Assessment in Three Simple Steps. (FriesenPress 2021) and The Mysterious Winging Scapula (FriesenPress 2022).

Janet does not claim to be a researcher or a scientist. She was a practitioner who was passionate about what she did.  Now she is passionate about what she has learned. By sharing her knowledge, she hopes to help many others - the ones without a voice.

Unlocking the secrets of this region will change scapulothoracic assessment. Period.

Taking time out of a busy life to read two books is a big ask for most medical professionals, so Janet has provided most of the information from Book one in a five-part course series, with the added benefit of new data. (Always the case with scientific evidence - it is always changing!)
The information presented in the books and in these five courses is Janet’s best effort to organize a great deal of information and present it coherently and succinctly.


Overview of Each Session:


Part 1 - An Introduction to Scapulothoracic Assessment

In this introductory online course, Janet examines the current “shoulder assessment” process, and she provides insight as to WHY scapulothoracic conditions are not currently being recognized.


Part 2 - Scapulothoracic Assessment 

Part 2 provides information on two more topics. This presentation will include information that is necessary for the understanding of assessment of the scapulothoracic region: Etiopathologies and Morphology of key scapulothoracic muscles. Clinical examples provide some exciting new ideas for assessment.


Part 3 - Scapulothoracic Assessment 

Part 3 introduces all remaining backstory topics. Studying each subject area will result in a better understanding of this complex problem.  


Part 4 - Introducing the DAAM - Finding the DAAM Resting Position

Part 4 Introduces a new, revolutionary concept for assessing the scapulothoracic region. The Dynamic Arm Attachment Mechanism or DAAM now becomes the focal point moving forward.


Part 5 - Strength Testing the DAAM, Electrodiagnostic Testing, and Diagnosis

Part 5 in this webinar series completes the DAAM assessment and takes the practitioner through to the diagnosis and the management of this enigmatic condition.



The first course in this series is free for Embodia Members. You can learn more about Embodia's Membership options here. Part 1 is priced at $20 for non-Embodia Members.

Each subsequent course in this series is priced at $20 for everyone. On checkout, you will have the option to purchase all courses together at a discounted rate.

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