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A Practical Guide For Persistent Pain Therapy - April 2024 Live Course

A Practical Guide For Persistent Pain Therapy - April 2024 Live Course

A Practical Guide For Persistent Pain Therapy - April 2024 Live Course


This is a multiple-occurrence webinar. The next occurrence:

Apr 27, 2024 - 10:00 (EDT)
8 hours
All occurrences
Apr 27, 2024 - 10:00 (EDT) (8 hours)
Apr 28, 2024 - 10:00 (EDT) (8 hours)

The Problem

Why do some patients understand information about pain and others don’t?

How do we get more patients interested in managing their pain?

Do you feel disillusioned about your role as a “fixer” of the patient's problems?

Research shows there is a mismatch between what people in pain need and what healthcare professionals are equipped to provide. Pain, education, and practice are complex. 


The Solution

This 2-day live online course explores a cutting-edge, patient-centered approach using a variety of practical learning methods to help your patients better understand and manage their pain. It provides a range of practical applications and innovative learning methods to make you a more effective educator and improve your clinical outcomes.


Watch This Short Introductory Video From The Instructor: Mike Stewart (KnowPain Mike)


How Do Other Clinicians Feel About This Course?

Know Pain courses have been taught in over fifteen countries and have provided a wide range of clinicians around the world with practical pain education skills. Feedback from over 700 healthcare professionals who have attended Know Pain courses has shown that 100% would recommend a Know Pain course to their colleagues. 95% of people strongly agreed that Know Pain had equipped them with practical skills to help people in pain.

“One of THE best online training courses I have ever attended. Lovely mix of practical experiments, which work really well in clinic!” -Occupational Therapist 

“I connect with my patients so much better since taking this course.” -Physiotherapist


Who Is This Course For?

Any clinician who works with people in pain. A physiotherapist/ physical therapist, chiropractor, occupational therapist, kinesiologist, massage therapist - all of allied health.


Learning Objectives

This interactive live online course will help you develop a range of engaging, practical skills so that you can help people make sense of pain and overcome it. The course content and handbook have been designed to be used in the clinic. They include a combination of lectures, practical experiments, games, short clinical videos, reflective discussions & case studies to enable you to achieve the following:

  • Help people to feel believed by understanding the relationship between pain, perception & behaviour change without them thinking that it’s “all in their head!”
  • Learn ways to combine a biopsychosocial approach with your manual therapy and exercise therapy skills.
  • Learn creative ways to help people make sense of pain by using interactive experiments involving taste, touch, and hearing!
  • Become a better teacher. Guide people who become stuck, empower people who feel hopeless and engage people who feel bored.
  • Optimize patient education by expanding your teaching toolkit & applying educational theories to your practice.
  • Develop empathy and build therapeutic connections through an evidence-based awareness of what people in pain want from healthcare professionals.
  • Help people to express their experience of living with pain through a range of engaging and empowering communication skills.
  • Explore the role of metaphors in healthcare and understand the hidden impact of language on clinical outcomes.
  • Integrate practical psychological treatment skills into your rehabilitation by exploring motivational interviewing, cognitive-behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, mindfulness, and cognitive bias modification.
  • Explore a variety of patient case studies that give you the opportunity to use what you have learned before returning to your clinic.

CPD Hours = 14


Course Outline

This is a 2-day course that will take place on Saturday, October 28th and Sunday, October 29th, 2023 from 10 AM EST (7 AM PST) - 6 PM EST (3 PM PST) each day. The dates and times of this live 2-day course will be displayed on your Embodia account based on the timezone you have set. You can change the timezone on your account under your profile.

Day 1

  1. Setting the Scene: What is pain? What are we hoping to achieve?
  2. The Neurobiology of Pain: Helping people understand why it hurts in their own words.
  3. Developing Teaching Skills: Optimize your patient education toolkit & learn practical ways to guide, empower & engage people.

Day 2

  1. The Language of Pain: Develop your communication skills & help people to express their experience of living with pain.
  2. Pain & the Affective Mind: Combining psychological treatment skills with physical rehabilitation and manual therapy.
  3. Getting Going Again: Empowering function by applying pacing & graded exposure therapy to your practice.
  4. Case Studies: An opportunity to test what you have learned before you return to your practice. Use a variety of real-life patient case studies to practice your new skills!



All prices are in CAD. There are various pricing tiers available:

  • Regular registration: $399
  • Early-bird rate (until Jan 24, 2024) $320
  • Embodia Members: $280
  • Students and New Grads: $280 (Graduation date after November 01, 2020): Click here to learn more

Please note: there is a 48 hour refund deadline (ie: you can cancel your registration up until 48 hours before the course starts).

What's Included

This is a 2-day live online course. The course will not be recorded so you need to attend live. Along with registration to the live course you will also receive:

  • 2 full days of live online teaching and mentorship from Mike Stewart, MCSP, SRP, MSC, PG CERT
  • A cutting-edge, patient-centered approach using a variety of practical learning methods
  • Telerehab friendly techniques
  • Downloadable resources that you can use in the clinic with your patients (see the list of resources below)
  • A certificate of completion for your professional portfolio
  • 14 CPD Hours for the live online course

BONUS! You will also receive complimentary, lifetime access to Mike Stewart's recorded version of this course (a $299 value on its own!). Learn more about the pre-recorded version of this course here.

Downloadable resources included with this course:

  • Slides (English and French)
  • Tazzy Persistent Pain Booklet
  • The hidden influence of metaphors within rehab
  • Viewpoint JOSPT
  • Stuck in the middle (worksheet)
  • Setting up a pain group handout
  • The pain misdirected problem
  • Case study: Marilyn
  • Flare-ups document
  • The enduring impact of what clinicians say
  • Clarke et al "I feel so stupid"
  • Challenge & support document
  • The CBT 5 areas


Class Size

This is an interactive class. The maximum class size is 80 participants. If you have a patient that would like to join you on the course, they are welcome!

If you have any questions, please contact us at

The instructors
Mike Stewart (he/him)

Mike is a physiotherapist, researcher and university lecturer with over twenty years of experience in helping people overcome pain.

He has an MSc in Education and Physiotherapy and is planning a PhD focusing on how people in pain make sense of their experience. His published work has received international praise from the leading names in neuroscience. Mike teaches across a variety of clinical settings including elite sports, and is an advisor on pain management to the International Olympic Committee.

Mike is a dedicated practice-based educator committed to providing evidence-based education to a wide variety of health professionals. His Know Pain workshops have provided clinicians around the world with practical pain education skills.

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