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Focus on developing a therapeutic alliance as you engage, educate, and inspire your patients on their path to recovery

Deliver your exercises, your way

Wow your patients with Embodia’s all-in-one patient engagement solution.

Video exercises made easy

Record videos of your patients in session or choose from our library of 2000+ high definition exercise videos (print-friendly versions available). Clinics have the option to create a private, branded library of clinic content!

Track and analyse patient data to ensure better outcomes

Help your patients monitor their progress, outcomes, and adherence between sessions.

Recovering from multiple pelvic fractures was a painful, slow process.  The Embodia app made it less lonely.  The friendly exercise time reminder and progress tracker helped me feel linked to my physiotherapist. It was encouraging.

Heather Miller

Having access to Embodia video clips for each of the exercises has been extremely helpful. It almost feels like your personal PT has come to visit you daily! My physio has been able to remind me of the little details that make a difference in practicing the exercises.

Katie M.

Remember how resistant I was at first? Now I can’t imagine working without it. It has changed my practice for the better, and my patients love the app! Embodia has made it so easy to make the transition to digital sharing of exercises for patients and knowledge for clinicians.

Carolyn Vandyken

The Embodia app for home exercise prescription is easy to use for clients as well as the practitioner and it's a wonderful tool to encourage continued and consistent exercises that are specifically prescribed for the users. The app is also very user friendly to utilize the education and instructional modules for practitioners.

Katie Smith
R. Kin., MSc. Onc

Thank you Embodia! It's proven to be one of a few apps I rely on the most in my practice. Embodia really saves me a lot of time every single day and my patients LOVE it!

Sara K.

Thank-you so much! I use Embodia with my patients - I find the system really easy to operate. It is brilliant!

Dr. Judith Thompson

As a clinician, Embodia has made my practice infinitely more effective in how I distribute home exercise and education to my patients making it easier for them to review, log and succeed in meeting their goals. It also differentiates me from other practitioners as patients love how easy it is to stay on track.

Holly Mitchell

Easily monitor changes between sessions and follow up with patients remotely

Deliver a best in class experience that will keep your patients coming back and referring their loved ones to you.

How it works


  • Choose from our standard library of over 1200 exercises
  • Choose from our expert library of content including PHS, Darryl Yardley, Bahram Jam
  • Record your patient in session (video or image)
  • Create your own content library (or a library shared within the clinic)


  • Choose from our expert library of content including PHS, Darryl Yardley, Bahram Jam
  • Create your own content library (or a library shared within the clinic)

Monitor progress

  • Simple monitoring dashboard
  • Program summaries that you can export, print, download
  • Track all outcome measures in one spot


  • Quickly write back to patient comments
  • Share words of encouragement
  • Two-way messaging

All in one exercise programs that makes it easy and simple for you to manage your day

Over 2000 exercise videos pre-loaded
Upload your own content
Record patients in session
Two-way messaging
Simple monitoring dashboard
Choose content from experts
Print-friendly versions of exercises

All available on Apple, Android and web

Make patient care interactive and engaging with Home Exercise Programs

Robyn Synnott | A Women’s Pelvic Health + Orthopedic Physiotherapist, Physio-doula, and Yoga Teacher
Bill Rutsey | Patient

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